How to Hook Up Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox One

Some gamers stick to keyboard and mouse while playing a game. Fortunately, the Xbox and Windows Play Anywhere scheme is coming together in a collaboration to allow the gamers to use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One. But it is not really easy to set up the connection and use keyboard and mouse for playing games on the gaming console.

Since Microsoft hasn’t launched the keyboard and mouse support for the games, you can buy the third party accessory to convert the keyboard and mouse input. Xbox One can approve it and allow the gamer to continue playing games. This blog contains steps for connecting keyboard and mouse to Xbox One, so let’s see the correct method to use the hardware devices in a gaming console.

Here is how to connect keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One

  1. Open the web browser in your computer and go to the address bar.
  2. Type and press the enter button.
  3. Visit the webpage and download firmware tool.
  4. Now find Apex manager app for Windows and download it.
  5. Open the firmware tool and press the XIM Apex button.
  6. Insert it into your computer’s USB port.
  7. When the light on Apex turns Blue, release the button.
  8. Click Update Firmware and check if the latest version is for Apex is available or not.

The Apex Manager apps are available for other operating system platforms like Android to customize the settings and enhance the user experience. But establishing the connection becomes a challenge sometimes. Hence it would be a piece of advice to get the latest version or updates. The Apex Manager app will help in connecting the Xbox and the mobile phone via Bluetooth to load profiles.

Connecting Apex to Gaming Console

  1. Now, insert the Apex Dongle to your Xbox USB port.
  2. Connect the Apex hub to its Dongle.
  3. Attach the Keyboard and Mouse to Apex Hub.
  4. Also, attach the Xbox One Controller to the Hub.
  5. Note the Green light. If it is flashing, then you have successfully connected the Apex.

Now you can enjoy the gaming experience with the whole setup. But don’t forget to load a profile before playing a game. You should press the button on Apex when the connection is established via Bluetooth. This is how you can download the profiles for different games. To prevent the game crash or any problem, you must modify and change the game settings as the Apex is set to maximum sensitivity by default.

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