How to Insert Home Button in Google Chrome

Google has worked actively on its product, Chrome and keeps rolling out its new updates frequently. There are notable changes that have been seen in the Chrome’s interface. At first, Google Chrome didn’t have a home button, but later it launched new chrome with Home button interface. Like other web browsers, now Chrome too has its standard home button feature. The surprising fact is that the user can designate its favorite home page and reach it by clicking the Home Button.

With some simple steps, you can enable your Home Button in the Chrome toolbar.

  1.    Launch Google Chrome.
  2.    Click three vertical dots icon on the top right corner of the chrome bar.
  3.    Go to Settings.
  4.    In Settings, scroll down to the Appearance section.
  5.    Go to Show home button and switch toggle button on the option on the right.
  6.    You can check the New Tab page or check Enter custom web address.
  7.    In the second option, you can type the desired web address which you would want to visit every time you click on the Home button. For example,
  8.    There is no need to confirm to enable the Home Button. Chrome will immediately launch the Home Button in the toolbar.

The Home Button feature is incredibly easy to enable and remove. In case, if you want to remove the Home Button from your chrome, just switch the toggle button off, and Chrome will immediately remove it from its toolbar.

The option to choose custom web address is fantastic as it lets the user customize the Home Button’s destination. With just one click the user can visit the same page any time, without needing to type the URL address of the web page.

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