How to Mirror iOS Device on Windows

Apple products are always developed with innovative ideas, but its compatibility with other devices is very low. In other words, Apple Company has made its world of devices and technologies. And fortunately, the company has released its services and compatibility with Windows. It is relieving for those who own iOS device and Windows PC as well. With the compatibility of the both, the headache is over.

The companies are collaborating on some services and supports, but still, the two giants haven’t provided the support for mirroring the iOS device on Windows. But don’t worry, as there is another way for that. You will need special software to complete the mirroring without a problem. LonelyScreen is the software which gives the AirPlay compatibility to the Windows PC. The software will help in casting the content on the large screen.

Here’s how to mirror iOS device on Windows

Before beginning the process, you will need to install LonelyScreen software in your system.

  1. Download LonelyScreen and run its installer.
  2. Now check the Private networks, such as my home or work network.
  3. Now click the Allow Access button.
  4. Once the installation completes, the software will open.
  5. Click on the Maybe later option when prompted to buy a license.
  6. The LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver will appear on the screen.
  7. Now, slide up from the bottom of the screen of your iOS device.
  8. It will open the Control Panel.
  9. Tap on Screen Mirroring button to open AirPlay compatible devices.
  10. Now, you will see LonelyScreen PC in the list.
  11. Tap on it to begin mirroring with the iOS device.
  12. It will not allow you to control the iOS device using a computer but letting you record it.
  13. In LonelyScreen, go to the bottom right corner. A red button will appear.
  14. Click the button to begin and stop the recording.
  15. You can find all the videos in the Video folder of the current account.

During the whole process, you might face some bunch of problems which are common in almost every case. If you face the problem, then ensure that Windows Firewall is not blocking the LonelyScreen software and reboot both of the devices. Also, you need to check that both the devices are connected with the same network.

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