How to Open, View and Dismiss Notifications on iOS 11

Notification Center is a feature of iOS and macOS that gives the summary of alerts from apps. The notifications are shown until an action is taken.

Apple has changed the way you dismiss the notifications in iOS 11. You are not allowed to deny all the announcements at once anymore. No one is pleased that Apple has added some more functionalities to the warnings. Notifications are visible on the new cover sheet when your device is unlocked. Notifications are chronologically organized by date. Although you can swipe up full notifications history, earlier you could just swipe on an individual for removing it.

How to Open a Notification

  • A simple way to dismiss notification is to open it simply.
  • Just open them in notification like the message, email, etc, it will automatically reject the information.
  • Swipe right to open a notification, till you see the Open button.
  • You can simply tap on notification if you want to access the Open button.
  • If you want to open the notification directly, then just swipe all the way right.

How to View and Act on a Notification

  1. If you want to view app-specific options for dealing with notification then just swipe to the left on the notification.
  2. You will then see View and Clear buttons.
  3. Click the View button.
  4. The Clear button will do what it did on the tin.
  5. It will permit you to get rid of the notification without performing any action.
  6. Button shown below notification is sure to the app.
  7. Performing a notification also removes it.

How to Disable Notifications from the Previous Days

Initially, there used to be an X above all the notifications that would remove all of them.

With iOS 11, there is an X at the top of each notifications group.

  • To remove all the notifications in the group, click the X above the group.
  • Click Clear.

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