Make It Through The Winter with These Fun Apps

Winter has arrived!

In this blog, you’ll be getting to know some apps which will help you out to make it through the winter and much colder months ahead. I’ve added plenty of helpful apps that may improve your winter lifestyle on a regular basis. I’ve also thrown some light on few winter-themed cell phone games into the mix.

  1. Precise Weather YoWindow-

  • The perfect weather app is ‘Precise Weather YoWindow’. It will be helping you out to feel cosy this winter. I am sure that you know about that feeling that you get when you’re warm inside, and rain is pattering down on the window. I guess you’ll be happy to know that Weather YoWindow mimics this feeling by giving a live animation of the present weather conditions on your smartphone home screen.
  • ‘YoWindow’ is also covered with details about incoming storms, future forecasts, weather, rain and temperature.
  • It’s a weather app with a nice visual overhaul that highlights it from among other applications.
  • Luckily, you can download it on Android as well as iOS.
  1. Cookpad-

  • I feel that there’s nothing that can beat an afternoon of home cooking or baking on a cold winter’s day. Generally, it is because it heats the kitchen and then even gives you something warm to eat. You can find user submitted recipes for a variety of food items with the help of Cookpad.
  • Cookpad mostly has everything under the sun at this point such as baking recipes and recipes of delicious healthy meals. It even includes sinful snacks for the cheat days.
  • You can download it for Android as well as for iOS.
  1. Christmas Countdown 2017 Android-

  • As we all know that winter is pretty non-tolerable, but when you think about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, then things turn into a festive and exciting season. This particular app allows you to start the countdown the days leading up to Christmas.
  • Note that you can open the app to see an exact number of days, hours, and minutes there are till Christmas day.
  1. Christmas Countdown For iOS –

  • As the app mentioned above isn’t available on iOS, so I’ve listed an alternative for iOS. Christmas Countdown! It has the same functionality as the Android app discussed above.
  • You can open and use this app to see the exact number of hours, minutes, days, weeks, or seconds until Christmas day.
  1. Ketchapp Winter Sports –

  • To keep you busy and entertained, when it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to make it through the winter is to try out some winter themed mobile games.
  • My first suggestion would always be ‘Ketchapp Winter Sports’. This game is side-scrolling skiing and snowboarding game that enables you to perform tricks and stunts. As you do different stunts, you’ll rack up a score. Interestingly, the points you get from your incredible performance can then be spent on new items to improve your character status.
  • It is available for download on Android and iOS.

Hope this blog would have been helpful to you.

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