Overwatch: A New Hero Baptiste Revealed with an Origin Trailer

Blizzard is all set to include a new medic to the field, as they are planning to bring a new character named Baptiste. 

Blizzard has revealed a new teaser trailer to introduce this new medic fighter and prepare their fans with a back-story of this character. Moreover, Overwatch fans are quite excited after the trailer and want to experience this new character as soon as possible.

Similar to other in-game characters, Baptiste also gets devastated due to the Omnic Crisis. During the Omnic Crisis Baptiste was just a kid with very few options to go with.

As an anxious kid who had the enthusiasm to make some difference, Baptiste ultimately ended up within the wrong pack namely Talon. With this new group, Baptiste learned to heal other soldiers and some essential fighting skills like handling a gun.

Passionate fans and community members of Overwatch had a vague idea that Blizzard is soon planning to include a new character to the title, and with an origin trailer for Baptiste players are excited to experience him in the game.

Official website of Overwatch featured a mission log of Talon recovery team who were trying to catch Baptiste as he discarded their team. Still, Baptiste managed to defeat all of the enemies by himself.

The most significant advantage for this 30th hero in the title is that it can recover the health of his fellow soldiers in a battle which helps other players to retaliate with full force without worrying about the damage dealt by enemies.

Moreover, this character can also attack the enemies with a brutal force, as he has also developed useful combat skills and in addition knows how to shoot a gun.

By reviewing the exclusive Overwatch origin trailer, it can be observed that Baptiste is holding a Tommy gun which can be put to good use against the enemies.

Baptiste is fully equipped with first aid and ammo, which would help players to play a dual role in a match. Currently, it is not clear as to what unique Ultimate move would be featured for this character, but surely his special move would include some dynamics of healing himself or surrounding team members.

 Overwatch has initially hinted some fundamental interactions for this character, but it is not farfetched to expect him to be a part of the PTR in the coming future. Let’s see what additional content and move sets are underway for the fans to enjoy.

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