Password Protect Files on Mac

Apple’s Mac is one of the most secure devices with other more opportunities provided to protect the private items safe in the system. It is true that the folders and files in Mac system can be password protected within a few seconds to enhance the security of the system. Privacy is something that everyone is concerned about and preventing others from viewing private data in the system is very important. Hence Apple has provided a feature for keeping the files and folders in Mac computer secure.

There are various other third-party tools that offer the same facility regarding password protection for files in the computer, but before getting these tools, it is better to use the inbuilt protection option in Mac. You might be amazed to know that the files in Mac can be protected with a password, but you must be wondering how to do it. There are a lot of people who have asked for the procedure to encrypt a file or a folder in the Mac system. Well, if you are also looking at the proper methods to password protect your stuff in Mac system, then this guide will be going to help you.

How to Password Protect Files on Mac

  1. Use the Disk Utility to Password Protect a File
  2. Use Spotlight to open the Disk Utility.
  3. You can also go to Applications and Utilities.
  4. Select Disk Utilities.
  5. Now, click File and open New Image.
  6. Select New Image from Folder.
  7. Now, select the folder, you want to password protect, from the window.
  8. Click the Open button and select Encryption.
  9. Then, choose 128-bit AES encryption (recommended)
  10. Now enter the password twice and click Choose.
  11. After that, you can name the disk image by your choice.
  12. Now click the Save button and then select Done.

If you have gone through all the steps, then you have created the locked disk image of the folder in .dmg format. It means that you can delete the original folder which will not affect the disk image file. Now, as you have learned the method to password protect a file or a folder in the Mac system, you can put a password on any item on Mac. Whenever you click to open the file or folder further, it will ask you to enter the password so don’t forget the password or else you will not be able to access the item.

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