Six Effective Ways to Reduce Cellular Data Usage While Traveling

From surfing the internet to watching movies, to checking social media updates, there are a number of ways to empty the monthly cellular data limit. Unless you are fortunate enough to own an unlimited mobile data plan with free roaming, there is a high probability that you will worry about the cost of data usage.

If you are going on a vacation to a different country, then you must be aware that using data on roaming is expensive. In this article, we will discuss the ways to reduce your cellular data usage while traveling abroad:

1- Get Google Chrome

Google Chrome is perhaps the most used web browser. You can install it on your iPhone or Android devices. Turn on the Data Saver feature and lower the data usage by as much as fifty percent.

How does it work? Well, almost every image and text gets compressed before it’s loaded on your phone. Therefore, not only will web surfing be faster but you will also save money on data packs. Moreover, you can monitor your monthly data usage.

2- Get Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a fantastic web browser while you are traveling. It works amazingly well on smartphones and even basic web-enabled pocket-sized gadgets. All the web content gets loaded on the screen after it has been compressed. It also has its own ad blocking too which helps you in saving your data even further.

3- Install Offline Versions of Apps

The best way to cut down on the data usage is to avoid using it at all. Many applications come with offline versions. Make a list of all the apps you will be needing and using, and download their offline versions, if available, on your phone.

Use Google Translate for foreign language translation, XE Currency for currency conversion, AccuWeather for weather forecasts, etc. There are a ton of travel apps which use no or limited data.

4- Install Offline GPS Navigation Apps

A trustable offline GPS navigation tool can be a real blessing when you are traveling. It is also an affordable option as it helps you in saving up on data roaming charges when touring overseas.

Google is the best amongst all GPS navigation tools. To use it in offline mode, just open the app. Launch the Menu and select Offline areas. Now, just save the spots you will be visiting.

5- Curtail Mobile Data Access for Specific Apps

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can stop specific applications from accessing cellular data. Therefore, before you go on the vacation, open the Settings App, tap on Cellular, select Use Cellular Data for, and turn off access for all the apps that do not need it.

You can just disallow cellular data access from apps such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. Moreover, turn on travel mode in your Snapchat.

6- Turn off Auto-Play in Apps

You need to disable auto-play from certain apps, or else it will kill your data. Go to Facebook settings and limit auto-play videos to Wi-Fi only. After that, head over to Twitter and do the same. Instagram users should disable preloading of videos and pictures. These social media networking apps and incredibly data-thirsty, therefore limit cellular data usage for them.

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