The Best iPhone Apps in 2019 That Are Free

A few apps which come for free are gems as contrary to their bad reputation. In the list below, we have compiled the best free apps for your Apple device to fascinate your imagination.

1. Vectornator

Vectornator illustrates vectors which functions with outstanding professionalism. The unique quality of being outstanding earns it more reputation when it comes free of cost. The model maker toolkit allows you to create a vector doodle with fine lines, or you could design the template of a new app using the vectors. So amazing, isn’t it? And, it’s for free.

2. Feedly

Feedly is a smart news reader app for a smart device like the iPhone. It lets a user subscribe to particular RSS news feeds of specific websites for free. And based on your taps on the news section, it generates news headlines that it finds would be interesting for you. There is an Explore tab if you want to read something out of your mind’s comfort. You can trust what Feedly shows you as it displays information from trusted sources.

3. Pocket

Pocket is an intelligent app that automatically designs a magazine for you from tens of browser tabs that you throw into it. It makes it easy for you to get a gist of summarized information from the custom designed magazine, for a range of sub-topics or a Subject matter. There’s a night mode as well that adjusts the contrast.

4. Fiery Feeds

It allows you to compile the best articles and to read blogs from your favorite websites using the RSS feed. The same RSS feed which enables you to subscribe to the content of a website. It comes with a sleek modern interface and gives you complete control over your choice of reads.

5. JustWatch

Do you want to watch a latest movie and don’t know where and how to find it? Well, JustWatch will take the burden off you. You’ve got to feed it the name or the location where you want to watch the show. Then, JustWatch will come up with an app’s name that has the movie or the TV channel that is showing the film, or even the local cinema where the movie is running.

6. Attenborough Story of life

It is an eye feasting app for wildlife lovers. The story compiles the adaptation and habitats of flora and fauna in over a thousand clips taken by Attenborough. He states that the films constitute to be the “greatest story of all… how animals and plants came to fill our Earth”.

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